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As per National Education Policy 2020, the Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) has been envisaged to facilitate the academic mobility of students with the freedom to study across the Higher Education Institutions in the country with an appropriate "credit transfer" mechanism from one programme to another, leading to attain a Degree/ Diploma/PG-diploma, etc.,

The registration of institutions and services will be a critical function of the academic bank of credit.

ABC shall deposit credits awarded by registered institutions into students' accounts. The Academic bank credit(s) can only be shared from institutions, not directly from the student. Only credits submitted by an authorized institution will be accepted for storage and validation by the ABC.


  • Allows academic institutions to lodge and maintain the integrity of the credits
  • Maintains the authenticity and confidentiality of student credits
  • Easy credit transfer through digital mode
  • Faster credit recognition


  • Allows multiple entry, multiple exits for students
  • Stores student credit for a minimum shelf life of 7 years
  • Transfer credit through a single window after approval of source and destination academic institution
  • Only verified academic institutions can upload credits
  • Improves transparency and helps to build a more flexible approach to curriculum design and development


The credits earned by students will be deposited in their ABC ‘Academic Account.’ If the student moves to a different institution, the accumulated credits get transferred to the account of the new institution. Credits may be transferred from an institution to be accumulated in another programme offered by the same or another institution. Once the credit is redeemed for the award of the above, it would be irrevocably debited from the respective student’s ‘Academic Account’ of ABC.


The process of assigning a number of credits to qualifications, degree programmes or single educational components. Credits are allocated to entire qualifications or programmes according to respective Universities or Autonomous institutions participating in the ABC scheme


A student can accumulate credits in order to obtain qualifications, as required by the degree-awarding institution, or to document personal achievements for lifelong learning purposes


The act of formally granting students and other learners the credits that are assigned to the qualification and/or its components if they achieve the defined learning outcomes. Credits are awarded to individual students after they have completed the required learning activities and achieved the defined learning outcomes, as evidenced by appropriate assessment

ABC for programme design, delivery and monitoring

The use of ABC credits improves transparency and helps to introduce a more flexible approach to curriculum design and development. The institutional credit framework is aimed at to cater the needs of different programmes and support inter and multidisciplinary approaches.

ABC for mobility and credit recognition

Successful learning mobility requires academic recognition and transfer of credits. Recognition of credits is the process through which an institution certifies that learning outcomes achieved and assessed in another institution satisfy the requirements of one of the programmes they offer.

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1 Dr. Sharwari Shard Kulkarni Nodal Officer 9595514018
2 Dr. Manjiri Mahendra Kulkrani Exam- Coordinator Exam- Coordinator
3 Prof. Dr. Mrs. Manjiri Mahendra Kulkarni 9822775448

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