Department of Economics PG

Brief Description

Establishment:Master of Arts (Economics) - 2011


  • Imparting theoretical and applied knowledge of economics, conducting research on Socio-economic problems at regional and national levels for inclusive development.


  • Advance learning and knowledge by teaching and research and by extension programmes so as to enable a student to obtain advantages a world economic education.
  • Provide the right kind of leadership in all walks of life.
  • To create the awareness among the students of the world economy and Indian economy and to discuss current issues and provide relevant, up-to-date and career-oriented education in Economics.

Student Strength

Student strength of last few years of M.A. II Economics.

Academic Year Student Strength
Accountancy Banking Costing Total
1 2016-17 92
1 2017-18 56
2 2018-19 60
3 2019-20 71
4 2020-21 41
5 2021-22 53
6 2022-23 34