Department of English

Brief Description

Literature is a process of producing beautiful
lies that tell more truth than any facts.
…William Blake

With the motto of ‘Amrutam tu Vidya’ (Knowledge is Ambrosia), the Department of English was established in 1983 with the establishment of Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Miraj under the institution ‘Abhinav Shikshan Sanstha’. The objective of the institution was to empower the girl students from rural area and to provide them the life skills to be the better human being in the stream of life. The institution contributed in graduating the first generation of the families from the villages nearby Miraj. Especially the girl students from minority could have access to higher education only through our college as it is exclusively for girls.


  • The Department of English coping with the general objectives of the institution set the independent task with the vision of changing competitive world, to enable our students in various skills in English language which is said to be the door of world knowledge. The faculties realizing the problems of the students from rural area in English, surpassed the boundaries of syllabus; firstly, to build confidence and secondly to create interest in the language and literature of English.
  • While building interest in language, the department also visioned to develop language skills, literary skills, enrich critical ability and rational thinking, inculcating the constitutional values like equality, fraternity and freedom and secularism as well as ethical values like humanity, affection, etc to make a good citizen.


  • The department practices various activities such as wall papers, spelling practice, Remedial Courses, Communication Course in English, study tours, participation in annual periodical, guest lectures supportive to literary knowledge, etc.
  • The department organizes the programmes which impart professional knowledge, career-oriented skills and life-skills. It always stands in a role of support system to current students and alumni.

Student Strength

Student strength of last few years of B.A. III English.

Sr. No. Academic Year Student Strength
1 2016-17 25
1 2017-18 16
2 2018-19 12
3 2019-20 09
4 2020-21 10
5 2021-22 10
6 2022-23 12